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If you are a WIU traditional student and have problems with your Moodle password or need a new account set up for you, please contact Georgie O'Leary, the Moodle Administrator, at Moodle@webber.edu .

If you are a SAU traditional student please contact Jenny Minnick, your Moodle administrator at minnickjc@sapc.edu .

If you are an online student in the BEST program at WIU or SAU please contact Tonya White at whitetl@webber.edu or 863-638-2936.

If you are having any technical issues with accessing your e-text with CourseSmart, customer service specialists are available 24/7/365 via online chat at http://support.coursesmart.com/ or via phone at 866-588-3197.

Please do not attempt to create your own account. All Webber/SAU students and faculty should have an account established for them. If you are having trouble logging in, please contact the appropriate Moodle Administrator as listed above. Please allow 24 hours during the week or 48 hours over the weekend for response.

If you are having problems with one or more aspects of your Moodle course, try using a different browser or accessing Moodle from a different platform. Some issues that have been experienced include: not being able to access drop-down menus, not being able to post to a forum, not being able to upload a file, and so on. The various browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.) interact with Moodle in different ways. In addition, using the same browser to access Moodle on different platforms (the school's terminals, your personal laptop, your personal desktop, etc.) can also generate different results. There have been few, if any, reports of problems using the school's network and Internet Explorer.

Notice: This system is maintained exclusively for the benefit of WIU/SAU students. Use of this system is limited to currently enrolled students of WIU/SAU and currently employed faculty and staff of WIU/SAU. All other access or use is expressly forbidden. You are warned that access to this system by anyone other than current students and currently enrolled faculty and staff constitutes a second degree felony (Florida Statues 815.06(1)(a)).


    B.E.S.T. Online Adult Education Program

    Student Orientation
    (please review before logging in)

    This Orientation course is designed to give students enrolled in the B.E.S.T./WIU/SAU online program a basic understanding of Moodle, how online courses work, and other valuable information regarding how to prepare to learn online.

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