MOODLE Orientation

This is a student orientation designed to prepare you for working in WIUworld, our MOODLE website.. You should complete this orientation before you begin work in your course shells.

Each new student that registers for an online course at Webber International University is registered into a MOODLE Training Course (MTC 090). This course is intended to get you familiar with all of the MOODLE functions so that you will have a successful online experience. 

All task and assignments should be completed before beginning your program courses.     

The information below contains essential items you will find in all of the online courses in your program. Please review and become familiar with them knowing how to locate each of them on MOODLE. 

  • ***Helpful Tip*** Instead of using the back button, use the breadcrumbs at the top of the screen. Breadcrumbs allow you to maneuver back to a previous page or jump back quicker than using the back button. You will find the breadcrumbs just below the WIU logo when you are in MOODLE.

Click on a Topic to find the information that will pertain to each weeks material. Each Topic contains pertinent information for the subject to be covered that week. You will find four main categories: Objectives, Materials or Resources,  Assignments, and Assessments (more information on these later in the Orientation under Getting Started).

- Activities Box

On the left side of MOODLE,  you will notice a box labeled Activities. Items listed in this area include Assignments, Forums (DT's) and Resources.


The Assignments link contains a list of all assignments and assessment activities you will need to upload for the course. Typically, these are word documents. Please remember to save your files in Rich Text Format (.rtf). Once you have uploaded an assignment in a Topic, it will show the time and day you uploaded it to class. This tells you as a student, that you have submitted your document. Other systems may refer to an area like this as an assignment drop box. The courses will also have an "Assignment Submission" link listed in the Topic for you to upload your assignment.


Forums are where the class discussions will take place. Many times you will hear this being referred to as the Discussion Topic’s (DT's). You are required to post 4 days per week with at least 8 “related” posts to earn full participation. To fully engage in the DT's, we recommend that all students read and respond to other students in the class. This is an important part of the class and we feel you will find it fascinating to read the comments from other students all over the country. DT's for each week will be listed within the Topic under activities. You can learn more about participation by clicking on Chapter 3 and reading the document titled “participation rubric.”


The Quizzes link will take you to a compiled list of all quizzes and tests you will have for the course. Each quiz and test, specific to the Topic (week), is listed under the Assignment and Assessment within the Topic.


Resources contain a variety of links you will find helpful as you progress through your course and program. Some examples of items you will find here are documents pertaining directly to the course and websites to help you succeed in your program.

Checking Your Forum Posts

Click on the participants link on the left hand side of the course under the box titled “People.” Click on your name and then on the “forum posts” tab to review the posts you have made in the course. You can also check the rating (“relevant” or “not relevant”) each post has been assigned by the instructor by clicking “Count of Ratings: Click here” in the lower right corner of the forum post box.