MOODLE Orientation

This is a student orientation designed to prepare you for working in WIUworld, our MOODLE website.. You should complete this orientation before you begin work in your course shells.

  • Listed below are the steps you should follow at the beginning of each course.

    1st The first thing you should do at the start of your course is to read the meet your instructor section. This section contains important information such as how to contact your instructor, specific information related to the way this instructor teaches, descriptions on the how to start this particular course, etc.

    2nd Read the Syllabus completely. This document contains pertinent information to the course and what you will be expected to complete within the course describing course requirements. Information found may contain required textbook information, course number and description, grading scale/procedures, learning objectives, course outcomes, and more!

    3rd Post a response in the Introduction section as instructed by the professor. The Introduction or Meet-N-Greet is a forum for students and the instructor to get to know one another. Tell the class something about yourself that you would like others to know. I think you will be surprised how a friendship with another classmate can begin in a forum. 4th Go to Course Messages for communication from your instructor or other classmates. Some instructors like to send private messages to you as a student.

    5th Click on Topic 1 or week 1 and review the objectives, resources assignments and activities and begin posting in the Discussion Topics (DTs). It is important to read the Objectives before moving to the Materials. You will THEN complete Assignments, and FINALLY complete the Assessment activity while responding to the DT's during the week. The bullets below describe each of these areas.

    6th Begin posting in any DT's (listed at the bottom of each Topic). 

    • Objectives These indicate the purpose of the Topic and contain the main items to be covered for this week. You should have an understanding of these items by the end of the week.

    • Resources These contain what you use to help you learn the Objectives. Many times instructions here will contain items like: read chapter ___, view the PowerPoint presentation. There are other websites that pertain to the Topic that your instructor may direct you to.

    • Discussion Topics (DTs) DT's are forums which questions are presented for students to reply and discuss. Students are encouraged to respond and post to not only the main statement or question, but to other students in the class. The instructor of the course will be facilitating the discussion and posting when needed. You will also notice that all of the Topics DTs are listed at the very bottom of each Topic (under Assessments). To view each DT, simply click on the title of the DT to view and reply.

    • Assignments This is where you will be directed to complete assignments such as: study guides, quizzes, essays, article reviews, textbook questions, etc. These should be completed before moving on to Assessments.

    • Assessments This is a measure of your learning for the Topic. The Assessment activity will determine your understanding of the subject. These activities usually include exams, quizzes, papers, etc. 

    ***NOTE*** It is important to note the importance of following these steps in order. Be sure to read the Objectives to know what the main points to be covered will be, read the Materials, complete the Assignments, and finally complete the Assessments. You should do these in this order while participating in the DT's on a daily basis.