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Fight to keep EASE!

Fight to keep EASE!

by Kelly Taylor -
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The EASE (formerly FRAG) which 500+ Webber students currently rely upon is in grave danger. The current House proposal would eliminate completely or severely cut the EASE voucher at Webber and 8 other schools this year alone. We only have a few days left to stop this bad legislation. We need to take action TODAY.

If you live in Florida, please take 30 seconds to click this link, and fill out the form:  This will send an email message to every Florida legislator.  In less than 30 seconds.

Please take a moment to click the link. And please forward this to other Floridians… parents, aunts, uncles, neighbors, coworkers, anyone who understands that Florida needs an educated populace and that for many students the EASE grant isn’t “fun money” but a grant without which would make going to college difficult or impossible.

 Please, take action now.